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Radiant Heated Walkways are affordable! They add safety and value to your property.

Whereas a new driveway tends to be a more involved and expensive undertaking, a new walkway is an easier to do home improvement. It takes very little power to run an average walkway. The cost to run is pennies on the dollar per hour. And you get the snowmelting results right where you need them--where people are walking to and from the home. Usually stairs or steps, and landings are also heated to present a uniform appearance that adds winter curb appeal and above all safety. The elderly are so very appreciative of warmed walkways and stairs--it eliminates there biggest fears of slipping and falling. 

Steps and Outdoor Stairs can also be warmed in order to keep them clear!

 stairs              stairs2

Pavers are layed out over the concrete base
The concrete buries the cable layout.
Simply layout your walkway as normal
Pavers in sand -- the same way, the system is buried in tightly packed sand.sand
Finish the walkway.
Walkway is heating and working perfectly.
Another view of the layout
Walkway Automatically turns on and off.
Any walkway curve, or layout can be done.
The cable system is buried it has been tested for continuity prior to paver layout.
Another View
A very fine example of a quality contractor.

Electric walkway heating systems reduce the use of salt and other chemicals around your home or workplace. Electric walkway heaters have no maintenance requirements, like hydronic systems. Electric walkway radiant heating systems last for years and in fact most outlast the factory warrantee. Most homeowners love their electric radiant walkway heating systems. These radiant heating under walkway systems are installed when you put in a new walkway. They work automatically and the radiant electric walkway heater cables never need adjustments. Once the electric walkway heating system is installed--it is installed till you remove your walkway. Electric walkway heating systems which heat your walkway to melt snow and ice keep you safe, add extreme value to your property and ultimately raise your standard of comfort in cold climates. No more shoveling, salt, or slush. Electric walkway heating is a must for seniors who live in their own homes. Get an electric walkway heating system from today!

Recent Testimonial
No More Icy Walkway!

I was in the process of having brick pavers installed in the walkway to the front door of my condo. At the same time I heard about snow melting options. I contacted They made this option so easy from beginning to end. I'm thrilled I do not have to shovel any more. In addition, it is added safety to my family and guests. Ice is often not easily visible until it's too late. Now I don't have to worry about people slipping on dangerous snow and ice.

The system starts to work the minute the sensor detects snow and it runs only when needed. This system gets the job done quickly for maximum performance. It's just wonderful! It is maintenance free and the appearance is just amazing. I wouldn't live in snow without this system and to assist me. Thank you!  

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Concrete Applications, Ice and snow melting:
More homeowners are installing radiant heating systems into poured concrete walkways, driveways, and steps.



pdficon Cable Spacing Instructions

Did you know that our product is the only one available with an emergency splice kit? If you or your installer accidentally sever the cable, it can be fixed prior to final installation. No other product that we know of can claim the same functionality!


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