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Our Nexans Cable Electric Radiant Heating System installs in most mediums.

It works within asphalt, concrete, pavers in sand, or pavers in concrete. It cannot be installed under loose stone, gravel, compacted dirt, etc. It must be a medium that cannot shift or move. The medium conducts the warmth from the cable and then becomes warm enough to melt snow. The driveway is turned on and off via a control that monitors the presence of moisture and temperature.

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Here is a slideshow of an Asphalt Driveway Install.    Get your Complementary Project Quote now
Thanks to ROGER K. of NEW ROCHELLE, NEW YORK, - 600sqft. Asphalt
Nice Pics! And now we all can see how well your install looked as well as the working driveway melting system

Asphalt Driveway Installed and Working
A beautiful site to come home to - A snow and ice free driveway!
Then Cable is Affixed in Place -
In this case using cable nails hammered into the underlayment asphalt layer.
Power Feeds from the control panel in the garage.
Are tied into each cable set and buried.
Another view of how the feeds are terminated.
Driveway Automatically turns on and off.
Final layer of asphalt is applied!
The cable system is buried under the final layer -- it has been tested for continuity prior to this step
Close attention to detail by the workers!
A very fine example of a quality contractor.
Final roller leveling the driveway.
Compacting the final surface.
Done and Ready for Winter!
You can always add our system on top of your existing asphalt driveway base!

Electric driveway heating systems reduce the use of salt and other chemicals around your home or workplace. Electric driveway heaters have no maintenance requirements, like hydronic systems. Electric driveway radiant heating systems last for years and in fact most outlast the factory warrantee. Most homeowners love their electric radiant heating systems. These radiant heating under driveway systems are installed when you put in a new driveway. They work automatically and the radiant electric driveway heater cables never need adjustments. Once the electric driveway heatingsystem is installed--it is installed till you remove your driveway. Electric driveway heating systems which heat your driveway to melt snow and ice keep you safe, add extreme value to your property and ultimately raise your standard of comfort in cold climates. No more plows, salt, or slush. Get an electric driveway heating system from today!

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Snow & Ice Melting Cable
Nexans TXLP cable is designed to withstand the rigors of harsh outdoor use.

It incorporates a patented splice, insulated cover and a metal clad sheath to ensure product longevity. The cable is available in a variety of voltages ranging from 120 V to 480 V, making it ideal for any residential, commercial or heavy industrial application. Nexans cable can be used to melt snow and ice safely on any ground surface, such as concrete, brick, pavers or asphalt.

The cable is also ideal for de-icing roofs and gutters. We also supply a variety of controls, such as thermostats, switches and sensors, for all of our cable products.

  • Durable design
  • Available from 120V to 480V
  • 10 year warranty ourdoors
  • Reliable operation
  • Easy installation
  • Completely concealed
  • Residential, Commercial or industrial applications

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