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FLOORS---Residential and Commercial Radiant Heat Solutions.

You do not need to be a special contractor to install a radiant heat system. Most "do it yourself-ers" can handle the installation of this product. Use the cable system mats or without. Either way your new tile bathroom or kitchen will be nicely heated with efficient and affordable radiant heat. Your system comes with a programmable thermostat control. will help you with any and all install questions that you or your contractor may have!

The thermostat control allows for multi-time settings. You can have your floor warm up in the morning before you wake up. Then program the floor to turn off during the work day and then back on when you come home. Your friends and family will be impressed with the thermostat's functional technology and its sleek design. Saves money too! A Special Weekend setting is also available for non-work days where you may want your floor to be warm for longer periods of time.

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pdficon  Thermostat Control

pdficon   Nexans Floor Warming Cables

Our UL Listed Series TXLP radiant heating cables offer the highest quality in electric radiant heating systems. Our cable is made from long lasting conductor wire, and has a durable PVC plastic outer covering to complete the assembly. The cable is available in ready-made sets from 300 to 2200 Watts, making it ideal for warming almost any size room. Custom sizes and voltages are also available.
pdficon   Nexans Floor Warming Millimats

The Nexans Millimat is the perfect solution for thin set floor installations. Our high quality cable is woven into a fiberglass mat to set the cable spacing and to provide a medium for securing the cable to the floor, simplifying installation. These UL listed mats are available in either 120 or 230 volt and a variety of lengths to fit any room configuration. Once the mat is secured to the sub-floor, a thin set mastic is applied with a 3/8” notched trowel in just one step, resulting in a low profile floor elevation.

  •     Highest quality, long-lasting
  •     Works with any type of floor: slab, tile, frame or hardwood
  •     Maximizes living space; completely concealed
  •     Ready made units for virtually any size room
  •     Energy efficient
  •     Easy to plan and install
  •     Works well with any heating system
  •     Safe: no moving parts, open flames, or exposed heating elements
  •     20 year warranty                                                                              

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Recent Testimonial

Kitchen Remodel

I am a "quasi" do-it-yourselfer, and was up for the challenge of installing the floor warming cables that we received. Bob was very helpful over the phone when I had some questions regarding cable spacing. Underneath where the new tile was going to go, I laid out the cable according to the directions.

I then drilled two holes in the sub floor of the kitchen for the cable. One end of the cable went to the electrical panel and the other end went to a new thermostat control for the cable. I mounted the thermostat in the basement where it would be out of the way.

The contractor who installed my tile was impressed with the Nexans cable. I programmed the digital thermostat and now my kitchen tile is warm when I need it to be; and I didn't even feel a change in my electric bill.

Chagrin Falls, Ohio


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