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High Quality Snow Melting Cable Systems has been serving customers across the U.S.A for over 10+ years as an Internet distributor for Nexans Snow Melting and Floor Warming electric cable heating products and systems.

If there is only one fact that you need to remember, it's this:

Our Cable is High Quality, manufactured in Norway and then custom configured to your project's specifications here in the United States. There is a 10 year warranty on outdoor applications and 20 years on indoor applications for Nexans cable. Industry standard one year warranties apply for electric system components like control panels for example. You can rest assured that your system is going to stand up to the harsh winters, or daily use inside the home, year after year with no maintenance.      

We know that people like to get more that one estimate on serious projects like installing a snow melting system or a floor warming product. Make sure that you are not comparing an inferior made Chinese cable product to what we offer. You "cannot afford to buy cheap" when it comes to driveway heating or under-floor warming.

Country Club Restaurant Walkway Entrance

Layout Comes First
The cable comes on spools and is custom made for the project.
The Cable is then affixed in place
The cable is tied onto the wire mesh in order to hold the cable in custom position.
Concrete is poured over top of the layout and allowed to cure.
Walkway is heating and working perfectly.
Closer picture of heated walkway
Walkway Automatically turns on and off.
Snow Sensor mounted near walkway
The sensor is placed near the walkway.
A Job Well Done!
Sidewalk: Concrete 5' x 42' = 210 sq ft Voltage: 240V -1phase Used: 1 Cable TXLP.05 --535 Ft long Total Amps: 29.9 Total Watts: 7182 Total Kilowatts: 7.18 Approximate Cost to Run: @ $.12/Kilowatt ($.86 per hour)
Builders and Homeowners alike are installing radiant heating systems into new poured concrete walkways, driveways, and steps. In this case, a Country Club decided to get rid of the snow and ice on an inclined walkway permanently.

Its now time for us to help you get your project started.     Complementary Project Quote

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